Welcome to The Growth Issue

Photogaphy by Zippy Guerin, Mariah Romero, and Darnell Thomas

Growth, by definition, is a positive and optimistic concept: to spring up, to develop in maturity, to increase your influence.
We tend to primarily focus on the positivity of growth, the aftermath of the process that produced what is now beautiful.

But growth requires a process of events and experiences that can be challenging and at times emotionally exhausting. So in this issue, we’ve chosen to celebrate the beauty that the growth process produces, but also to explore the pains and struggles of what is required to grow. We are amazed by how our contributors so eloquently share their experiences of growth and how they have inspired and influenced their work.

Now that it is summer, we hope you will join us in shedding the loneliness of winter and struggles of spring off, and bask in the warmth and vibrance of this wonderful season. Embrace your newfound growth: learned lessons, revised resolutions, cherished friendships, and go forth with energy and radiance into your community, wherever that may be.

Mariah, Darnell & Zippy

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