Welcome to the Lonely Issue

It can hurt, it can heal, it can transform: loneliness is what’s there with you when nothing else is. Loneliness is not a thing but the absence of whatever makes us feel “not alone,” and yet everything about loneliness is so intensely real that it must be something.  Loneliness is an xperience if not a thing, and despite its nothingness can encompass some of the most intense, important processes we all must go through. Spring, on the other hand,  is a time of growth, a time of shedding old ways, and a time of change. Spring is when the days start to get longer, when we fold up our heavy coats and stuff them away, and when we start showing a little more skin. Even though spring can seem like it’s all blossom and bloom, it doesn’t come without loneliness in all its beautiful forms. 

Whether you are having a self-care night soaking in a warm bath with a face mask on, working late into the night on a project, staying in because you feel a little sad, or simply getting stood up and have nothing to do on a Friday night, loneliness will make sure you’re feeling whatever it is you need to feel in that situation. Our relationships with loneliness are always transformative and wherever we are on our journey we can count on it to be there to help us realize some things about ourselves and push us to grow. Loneliness is the darkness inside a closed bud before a flower meets the sun. Loneliness is that last bit of ice left in a shadowy patch before the green emerges from the mud. Loneliness is finding pleasure in a pretty sunset when nobody is there to watch it with you. All these colors that spring will bring will not only remind us of the bright things to come, but also of all of the darkness we have overcome to get where we are.

So as the days get warmer, as our wardrobes change, and as the colors in our lives begin to be filled with more color, Good Mood Studio invites you to take some time this spring to celebrate loneliness, and all of the beautiful loneliness you have gone through to heal, to grow, to transform, and to become the beautiful blooming person you are.

Welcome to The Lonely Issue


Diego, Mariah & Darnell

Photography by Brandon Soder

Photography by Brandon Soder