Material, Relief and Time 

Collage Art by Diego Suarez • Photography by Jenn Carrillo • Art Direction and Words by Diego Medina • Makeup by Tara Lasiloo • Earrings by F.A.M.gear


those moments when you can be beautiful just for yourself 

when you stay in and look fuckin good

lonely but in love with yourself 

wanting to be held and still held by your own beauty 

and perfect as is 

without any witness 

but you 

and maybe it’s not what you want

how you would want it 

maybe you want someone to see

to say 

“i see you” 

but it’s all you need. 

in the place your soul wanders 

in the wilderness of only you 

there is endless beauty 

for endlessness sake and yours, 

and endlessness

is the perfect love 

to loneliness 

and you are

for you.

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Models: Freyr A. Marie, Kymon Palau, & Tara Lasiloo

Models: Freyr A. Marie, Kymon Palau, & Tara Lasiloo