Welcome to The Supreme Issue

photography by Aviva Nathan

Welcome to the Supreme Issue! Being supreme is all about pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles with faith and confidence. It is about accepting all of yourself, being comfortable in your own skin and taking pride in that. Being unapologetic in the way we express ourselves but still uplifting others around us because we all need a little dose of that. Fall is our favorite season because it familiarizes us with the beauty of transformation in our community and happenings around us. 

Our contributors express the journey of owning their power and how that has influenced their work and style. In this issue, Albuquerque fashion designer Sarah Gonzales tells us her inspiration behind the ethically made, eco-friendly clothing brand Neo Thread written by Maria Manuela in Neo Nostalgia. Albuquerque active slam poet Reina Davis presents to us a three-part poetry series called CON MIEL including photography by Daniel Allegretti.  Finally, Diego Medina introduces us to Los Angeles based DJ Zuri Adia in a style profile interview which includes photography by Anissa Amalia. Letter from the Editors portraits were shot by Aviva Nathan.


Mariah & Darnell